A variety of courses will be offered to all classes for each race of Antigua Sailing Week 2014.  There will be several course options for each race to be chosen by the Race Officer immediately prior to the race, depending on the size of boats in the class and current weather conditions.  Options will range from very short courses for small boats in light wind conditions, to much longer courses for bigger boats in heavy wind conditions.  The objective is to have every boat racing for approximately three, but maximum four hours, on each day.  If there are two races in a day, it is anticipated that the total racing time will not exceed four hours.

Courses may be posted on the Antigua Sailing Week website and Facebook page in advance of racing, but please look for the large white board mounted on the stern of the Committee Boat which will announce the course for you to race at your warning signal.  Race Officers will also endeavour to announce the course on the designated VHF Channel.

Courses for Antigua Sailing Week 2014 can be found on pages 6 through 11 of the Provisional Sailing Instructions available here.