The Sailor’s Pledge

April 17, 2012 |

eag(2)Antigua Sailing Week and the Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua and Barbuda (EAG) have joined forces with Sailors for the Sea to have a clean regatta. We are asking all our participants to help us try and meet our goals and pledge to do the following.

1. Water bottle reduction: Purchase bulk water and use reusable containers when possible.

2. Trash Free Regatta: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Help us as we strive for a trash free regatta. For the trash you may have, put trash/recycling in the appropriate bins throughout the marina.

3. No Discharge: In the marina, please follow national and international standards.

4. Alternative Fuels: Use alternative fuels when possible. Ask the Green Team or stop by the EAG booth.

5. Recycle: Put only recyclable items such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans in the recycle bins throughout the marina. Ask the Green Team about recycling used Batteries, oil and cardboard or stop by the EAG booth.

6. Bottom cleaning: Please try to come with a clean bottom, limit your bottom cleaning in the marina whenever possible.

If you have any questions please call the Green Team, Martin Dudley 268-722-3564 or John Esposito 268-720-3776. Or stop in at

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