Winning Crew from the Antigua & Barbuda Hampton arrive in Antigua for Sailing Week 2013

April 27, 2013 |

Winning 1The winning crew of the 2012 Antigua and Barbuda Hampton’s Challenge “Wasn’t Me” arrived in Antigua yesterday (Friday) ready to participate in the 2013 Antigua Sailing Week event which runs from April 27th to May 3rd.

The crew of 9 was greeted at the V.C. Bird Intl airport by CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Mr. Colin James and treated to welcome cocktails and a taste of Antiguan entertainment.

The trip to Antigua forms part of the main prize offered at the inaugural Antigua and Barbuda Hamptons Challenge (sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism) which took place on August 18th 2012 on Noyac Bay and is the brainchild of Tourism Minister the Hon. John Maginley.

It was the Minister’s intent to twin Antigua and Barbuda with another yachting destination to host an event which would be used to market Antigua Sailing Week. Minister Maginley partnered with Mr. Rob Roden (CEO of the Captain’s Guide Magazine, the Captains Mega Yacht Magazine and The Antigua and Barbuda Hampton’s Challenge Journal) who has been working with the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority on producing marketing collateral geared towards the yachting industry.

Winning 2According to Mr. James, “this is excellent news for the destination because it means now that we have a host of keen sailors from that area who will be experiencing Antigua Sailing week for the very first time and (who) will be able to take back to the very affluent yachting community in the Hampton’s just what a fantastic destination we are particularly as it relates to sailing and encourage them to participate”.

Already Mr. Roden is excited about beginning the planning and marketing process for the next installation of the Antigua and Barbuda Hampton’s Challenge to be held on August 17th 2013 and which will definitely become an annual event.

According to Roden the Minister’s phrase “The Hampton’s in the summer and the rest of the year in Antigua and Barbuda!” will help to market the destination to the many yachting fanatics in the Hampton’s located in Long Island New York.

Captain of the 2012 winning team “Wasn’t Me” Mr. Jim Ryan, was beaming with anticipation and he is excited that weather conditions are forecast to be perfect for sailing which is a plus for the destination, and of course he is also “ready to party, eat some good food and enjoy the island”.

Minister Maginley who is currently off island for the 11th OECS Tourism Minister’s Meeting held in Anguilla, relayed his sentiments to the team of a hearty welcome and best wishes of success sailing in our warm Antiguan waters.

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