Women’s Mentorship Programme

Inspiring Women

Antigua Sailing Week in partnership with the Antigua and Barbuda Sailing Association, the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association and the National Sailing Academy are delighted to launch the Antigua and Barbuda Women in Sailing Mentorship Programme.

We are a still far from being gender equal on and off the water in sailing in not just Antigua and Barbuda, but worldwide. This new programme will demistify the sport and the industry and plans to introduce more girls and women into both.

We already have many women working in the industry as the leaders, but would like to see more, both on and off the water.

We are seeking women from 16-30 who want to develop their knowledge and skills. There are no qualifications necessary. You may already be a sailor and wish to further your skills on the water, improve competitiveness, move from dinghy to keel boat, move from keel boat to dinghy, learn to sail as a complete beginner. Alternatively you may want to change careers and learn about event organisation, sail making, concierge services, marina management or one of the many other careers in the industry.

You need to be open to new ideas and developing a relationship with one of our mentors who will use their skills, knowledge and network to help you.

The programme will take place over the next year with 4 one to one sessions with your mentor and 2 team days with all mentors and mentees together. Depending on timing, location and the ability to get groups together this may be in person or digitally.

Read about our mentors below and submit your application here. There are only 8 places on this first programme and applications must be received by May 31st, 2021 and mentees will be confirmed by June 30th, 2021.

Meet the Mentors