Looking for an official ASW Photographer? Our guys snap some of the best shots!

An understanding of light a passion for capturing the energy and grace of the sea is Paul’s driving force. Along with his background in design and experience on the sea teaching sailing, boat building and working for the RYA, Paul brings an energy to his still photography. Each shot is literally a freeze frame of action. Immerse yourself in his work at

When you see a photographer right in the centre of the action in a 12 foot inflatable, you know you’ve found Tim Wright. Starting in 1994 as a means to earn a living, Tim now lives much of the year on his sailing boat in the Caribbean regatta photography. His maneuverability on the water gives his shots a while different perspective, literally. Experience his thrills at

It is rare for any major event in Antigua not to be attended by Ted and his camera. His heritage and life in Antigua mean that for him it is more than just capturing the moment, it’s thinking past the moment to ensuring that as often as possible, when someone looks at the shot, there is no mistake where in the world they were. Enjoy more of his work at

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