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Protecting our shores and seas from marine debris by eliminating single-use plastic waste.

This year’s Harper’s ASW School Art Competition will focus on how
students can eliminate single-use plastics that continue to litter our
shore and sea. The aim is to eliminate floating marine debris which
threatens the lives of our precious marine life.

What does marine debris mean? Any man-made materials that
enter waterways directly through littering or indirectly via run-off,
streams and storm drains.

What does marine debris include? Discarded water bottles,
cigarette butts, styrofoam containers, wood, paper or plastic bags
that end up in the ocean potentially harming marine life.

In Antigua & Barbuda this tends to be single-use plastic items left at
the beach, along with litter dropped by the road side or improperly
disposed of. Items like these make their way to the ocean as they are
washed down gutters and sewers during rainfall, or carelessly
discarded from pleasure boats.

Our goal is to inspire young people to use their creativity to initiate a
change in the habits of the community. Their creative projects are to
inform the public of methods that will lead to the reduction/elimination
of single use plastic and the pollution it creates.

Download the rules and submission form here.