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Race Vantage Points

Watch the races from a whole new perspective.


If you want to be part of the action but you’re not racing, there are some excellent options throughout the week. All race courses will be off the south coast of Antigua. Each day of racing some boats will sail from Windward Beach to the east and others will sail from Rendezvous Bay to the West. There are excellent spectating opportunities from vantage points along the the south coast andin particular from Shirley Heights, the Blockhouse, Fort Charlotte, Windward Beach, Rendezvous Beach, Carlisle Bay, Morris Bay and from various trails along the south coast.


On Sunday, April 26, Shirley Heights Lookout will host its famous Antigua Sailing Week breakfast. An excellent local breakfast along with bush tea is available from 8 am until 11 am, and once the races begin you will be in one of the best locations on the south coast from which to view the excitement at the start lines.


With all races taking place off English and Falmouth Harbours a great spectator’s option is to take a hiking trail and head out to one of the forts or headlands to watch. Some of the best views are from Carpenters Rock which is about 15 minutes along the headline from Galleon Beach, Fort Charlotte (along the same hike) and Fort Berkley and the Middle Ground Trail. The Middle Ground Trail leads out from Nelson’s Dockyard along to Fort Berkley and then up over the old forts and back down to Pigeon Point. Both hiking routes also offer excellent cooling off stops, one at Galleon Beach and the other at Pigeon Point.

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